A dusky boy from South Delhi. I want to change the perception of people on racism, body-shaming etc.

Racism can manifest itself in terms of individual behavior through hate crimes. Hatred of any kind is damaging to everyone, even to people who are not direct targets of bigotry and prejudice.
What can we do? We must erase the fear and hatred of other people, ending divisions in our society. It eats away at society and damages everyone, creating violence, suicides, war and economic suffering. We must unite with those who are different, stand together and eliminate these core issues facing the world today.

NO MATTERâ„¢ who you are, what you look like, your sexual orientation, your beliefs … we are ALL the same, we are ALL people, NO MATTER!

No one is born with hatred and intolerance. We all deserve to be treated with respect and tolerance NO MATTER how we wear our hair, NO MATTER what our race, religion or sexual orientation is, or what we personally believe in.